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Explore Investment

The summit provides a platform to explore a myriad of investment opportunities in India's maritime sector, spanning ports, shipping, waterways, shipbuilding, logistics, coastal development, and more

The summit will highlight potential Public-Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities, facilitating collaboration between the government and private sectors.

Participants will gain insights into the government's policies, regulatory reforms, and investment incentives, enhancing their understanding of the business environment.

Engage in

The summit facilitates Business-to- Business (B2B) meetings, allowing attendees to connect with potential investors, partners, and clients, fostering meaningful business collaborations.

The summit will reinforce bilateral ties between countries, promoting cooperation and shared economic interests in the maritime domain.

The summit will include policy sessions where stakeholders can contribute to discussions shaping the future of India's maritime sector

Access to
Key Players

Participants will have the opportunity to interact and network with prominent industry leaders, government officials, and decisionmakers, opening avenues for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Participants can engage with highlevel government officials and policymakers, discussing their investment plans and seeking support for their initiatives.

Insights to Trends and

Companies and organizations can showcase their projects, innovations, and technologies to a global audience, attracting potential investors and partners.

Sessions, panel discussions, and expert presentations will help participants gain valuable insights into the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the maritime industry.

The summit will feature success stories of foreign investors who have successfully invested in India's maritime sector, sharing valuable lessons and best practices.

The summit will showcase cutting-edge technologies in the maritime sector, allowing participants to explore new avenues for business growth.


The GMIS 2023 will provide high brand visibility to companies and organizations associated with a prestigious international event like the Global Maritime India Summit 2023.