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Shri Narendra Modi

Honourable Prime Minister of India

"India is very sincere about growing in the maritime sector and emerging as a leading Blue Economy of the World."

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Global Maritime India Summit 2023


17th - 19th October, 2023


Shri Shripad Y. Naik

Hon'ble Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Tourism
Government of India

Shri Sarbananda Sonowal

Hon'ble Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and AYUSH
Government of India

Shri Shantanu Thakur

Hon'ble Minister of State for Ports, Shipping & Waterways
Government of India

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Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Government of India is the designated nodal agency for investment promotion and facilitating approvals for maritime industries

  • Charting a Course for Decarbonizing Maritime Transport: Accelerating the Green Revolution
  • Accelerating Automation and Digitalization in the Maritime Sector: Unlocking Opportunities for Efficiency and Innovation
  • Promoting Multimodality: Unlocking Opportunities in Coastal Shipping and Inland Waterways
  • Promoting Cruise Tourism and Urban Water Mobility
  • Maximizing India's Strength in Maritime Professional Services: Unlocking Investment Opportunities
  • Maritime Research, Education, and Skill Development: Promoting a Better Life at Sea
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Gujarat has been a first mover in the maritime industry and is fast emerging as a leader in the ‘Blue Economy’ of the world. The state is having the largest coastline of 1,600 km among Indian states with the highest number of operational and commercial cargo ports. Gujarat ports contributed 553.89 MTPA of national maritime traffic in FY 2022-23.

Gujarat is the first state in India to privatize the state’s port sector and successfully develop some of the finest all-weather, deepwater greenfield ports on a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) basis. Gujarat also has 2 operational waterways i.e. NW 73 and NW 100, contributing ~28 MTPA of cargo movement (FY 2022-23).

Gujarat shipbuilding industry has been on a continuous growth path in recent years. The state is becoming an important shipbuilding destination in South Asia.

Its ship recycling facility at Alang is one of the largest facilities in the world contributing to around 98% of recycling capacity of India and 32.6% of global recycling volume.

The Gogha-Hazira Ro-Pax ferry service marks the beginning of a radical transformation of the transportation sector by reducing the time of travel from 10-12 hours to 3-4 hours.

The National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) in Lothal is being developed as the first of its kind in the country dedicated to the legacy of the national maritime heritage to showcase India’s rich and diverse maritime glory.

Key assets / services:

  • Major port – Deendayal Port, Kandla
  • Other than major ports contributing >5 MTPA of cargo - Navlakhi, Sikka, Hazira/ AHPPL, Mundra/ GAPL, Pipavav/ GPPL, Dahej and Magdalla
  • 5 private shipyards – Swan Energy’s Pipavav Shipyard, L&T Ltd, Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd, Modest Infrastructure Ltd A.H. Wadia Boat Builders
  • Ship recycling facility, Alang
  • Ropax ferry between Ghogha and Hazira
  • National Maritime Heritage Complex at the historic Indus Valley Civilization region of Lothal
  • National Waterways - NW 73 and 100

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

India has a rich maritime heritage and the earliest reference to maritime activities is found in the Rig Veda. Indian mythology has numerous episodes pertaining to the ocean, the sea and the rivers, with belief that mankind has benefitted from the wealth of seas and ocean. There is plenty of evidence derived from Indian literature, art, sculptures, painting and archaeology to establish existence of Indian maritime traditions.

A study of the country's maritime history reveals that the Indian sub-continent exercised supremacy over the Indian Ocean from very early times. Indians took to the sea for trade and commerce rather than for political ends. Thus, the period up to about 16th century witnessed peaceful sea-borne commerce, cultural and traditional exchange between countries. The Indian Ocean has always been regarded as an area of great significance and India is central to this Ocean.

Indian Ocean was extensively used for conducting maritime trade activities right from the Harappan times some 5000 years, which continues till date through various cultural period such as Early Historic, Medieval and Modern.

Explore Maritime India

India, a land blessed with a rich maritime heritage, invites you to embark on a captivating journey of exploration and discovery. From ancient seafaring traditions to modern port cities, India's maritime legacy spans centuries and offers a diverse tapestry of experiences. Maritime India beckons you with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and modern achievements. Explore and immerse yourself in a world where the sea has shaped lives, connected civilizations, and fostered a profound sense of identity. So, set sail on this extraordinary voyage and unravel the wonders of Maritime India that will leave you awestruck and enriched.

Historic Ports and Trade Routes

Step back in time and unravel the stories of India's historic ports and trade routes. Visit the bustling city of Mumbai, once a significant trading port of the East India Company. Explore the ancient ports renowned for their engineering marvel and maritime history. Trace the footsteps of ancient mariners along the Konkan Coast, where trade flourished between India and the rest of the world. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry that was shaped by these maritime connections.

Modern Ports and Maritime Infrastructure

Experience the dynamic and progressive side of Maritime India by exploring its modern ports and maritime infrastructure. Witness the hustle and bustle of major and other than major ports and witness the efficient operations that facilitate over 95% of India’s international trade. Further, learn about the innovative technologies and sustainability practices adopted to minimize environmental impact and make the trade efficient.

Remarkable Ship building industry

From the Indus valley civilization andthe Mauryan and Gutpa empires to modern era, witness the growth of India’s shipbuilding supported by vast pool of skilled labours and continued investments in technology and innovation. India boasts various prominent shipbuilding and repair centres along its coastline that have potential to capitalize on growing demand of ships and contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

Majestic Lighthouses and Coastal Landscapes

Marvel at the majestic lighthouses that stand tall along India's expansive coastline. Explore the picturesque coastal landscapes that offer breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean. From the pristine beaches of Goa and Keralato the rugged shores of Odisha and Tamil Nadu, each coastline boasts its unique charm and allure.

Luxurious cruises and affordable ferries

Visit the luxurious Cruise Services on the Indian coasts as well as National Waterways that meander across prominent destinations witnessing the diversity of India. Experience the ferry services for passenger and vehicles focused to reduce distance and time while providing alternative mode of transport.

Seafaring Culture and Fishing Communities

Delve into the vibrant seafaring culture and traditions that have thrived along India's coastal regions for centuries. Engage with local fishing communities and witness their daily lives as they set sail, cast their nets, and bring in the day's catch.


The Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Ayush, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal flagged off the maiden International Cruise Vessel - MV Empress, India’s first international cruise vessel - from Chennai to Sri Lanka in Chennai today. This marks the beginning of the international cruise tourism terminal at Chennai, built at a cost of ₹17.21 crores, heralding a new age of cruise tourism & maritime trade in the country.

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Partners in maritime progress!

We eagerly look forward to welcome our partner states at the #GlobalMaritimeIndiaSummit.

🗓️17- 19 Oct 2023
📍MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Mumbai

As we embark on this incredible journey, it is with heartfelt gratitude that we acknowledge the significant…

Hearty regards to our host state with a heart of gold!

#GlobalMaritimeIndiaSummit is sailing right into the heart of India, and we can't thank you enough for your warm hospitality and support.

🗓️17- 19 Oct 2023
📍MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Mumbai


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